Wildernesstravels.org aims to help preserve both wildlife and their wilderness environment from further encroachment by a rogue invasive species called humans. However, we do support eco-tourism with strict adherence to the idea of preserving that wild life.


We are living in a world that is losing species at an alarming rate, and humans are the likely culprit. Oversexed, over-propagandized, overpopulated, which is a central cause of global problems. Our planet is warming; it is changing habitats for wildlife, while human encroachment into Amazon forests and corporate fishing techniques are becoming the central cause of recent extinctions.

And traditional human populations? where we come from. They are found now only in the Amazon. A hundred years ago they lived all over the planet. Most of them now have seen 21st century culture. And many are not impressed. They want to live the way they have for thousands of years. All are under extreme pressure from ranchers, miners, loggers and oil corporations.


These  are some of the topics to be discussed in Wilderness Travels, along with fabulous places to see Earth’s wilderness.


Guidelines for submissions: We welcome stories, photo essays and videos with wilderness themes. There is no pay, but you will get bylines. Please check facts, avoid libelous statements and plagiarism. Quotes from other sources should be notated or linked to story. Please keep photos under 2 mb.


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