Wildlife Photography & the Environment

Photos: Rick O’Neill

One of the most interesting wildlife photographers I’ve met over the years is Rick O’Neill, an environmentally concerned resident of the Sunshine Coast located on the east side BC’s Strait of Georgia. O’Neill lives on forested acreage he bought back in the 1970s and he treats his own property in line with his philosophy of protecting environmental habitat for wildlife, that is, he mostly lets it alone. Unless he is creating habitat for amphibians, which he has undertaken in the last few years on his property. Continue reading

The Incan Capital of Cusco

By Raghbir “Raggy” Jin Part two of a six-part series: The Incan Empire in South America

Stepping into the historic downtown district of Cusco feels like stepping out of a time machine. Dogs pass as I walk through one car-less neighbourhood, stretching my arm out every now and again to brush the large stone walls left over from Incan times. Continue reading