What a difference a year makes.  Many of the Liberal MPs from BC who won seats in the 2015 Canadian election were in ridings that are affected by the Kinder-Morgan – TransCanada pipeline approval.  At that time most of those future  MPs were telling voters they opposed the project, and that it would not go through. Trudeau told Canadians that any pipeline proposal would have to meet rigorous scientific and social criteria.  None of those conditions have been met at all. (In the 2015 election the only pipeline the Liberals supported was the Keystone XL .) Continue reading

-The Incas – Beginnings

Part One of a series by Raghbir Jin

When people hear about the Incan empire, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the stone city of Machu Picchu nestled high in the Perú’s Andean mountain range. Sadly, this is often the only thing that comes to mind.

The sanctuary of Machu Picchu, built around 1400 A.D., exemplifies the extraordinary craftsmanship and architecture of the time and remains one of the leading tourist destinations on the continent at 858,000 visitors per year. Continue reading

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